Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Teacher Appreciation

The kids made cards for their teachers to show their appreciation during Teacher Appreciation Week:
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Jewelry Fundraiser

We are selling Compelled Designs handmade pottery jewelry as a fundraiser.  If you are interested you can view the photos here.  Most are necklaces and I have 2 bracelets.  They are $20 each.  Each has a scripture reference engraved on the back.  Let me know if you see one you would like!

Sunday, May 5, 2013

My precious child,

We are feeling like we are getting closer to meeting you and yet it still seems so far away.  Mommy and Daddy's paper work made it to your country last month.  This month, we received our place in line on the waiting list.  We are expected to get a referral with a picture of you in 12-15 months.  After that, it will be a few months before we will get to meet you for the first time.  We have been praying for you; that God is keeping you safe while we wait for you.  Your brother and sister are excited to meet you.  We have a container in our house where we collect change.  When the container is full, we roll the change and put the money in our bank account to use toward adoption costs.  Your brother cleaned out his piggy bank the other day and put his quarters into that container.  He was hoping that it would be enough money so that we could come and get you.  I wish that it was that easy.

I hope that you are safe.  I hope that you are warm.  I hope that your belly is full.  I hope that you are being shown love.  I hope you know that you are loved.

I love you,

Monday, April 22, 2013

Exciting news!

Our dossier arrived safely in Ethiopia today!!

Let the wait time begin.  :)

Friday, March 22, 2013

Our dossier is on the move!!

As you may know, we submitted our dossier to our agency in early February.  They reviewed it and there were a few things that needed to be changed.  A document change that we thought would be pretty minor turned into a 6 week back and forth battle with our health insurance provider to try to get it done.  Well, we finally got the document done and in this week.  After everything was reviewed another time, our dossier went in the mail!  It is now on it's way to the agency that partners with ours and will be there for 2-3 weeks before it will make it's long journey to Ethiopia.  Once it arrives in Ethiopia, we will get a wait list number on the 1st of the following month!  

One step closer!

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Tickets are on sale!

Pancake Breakfast 
Applebee's Salem
April 20th
$5 per person

Includes pancakes, sausage and coffee, tea or soda.
Tickets are printed and on sale!  I will be keeping them with me at all times so let me know if you would like to purchase one!

We also have a new fundraiser through Ordinary Hero.  If you make a purchase and select my name (Rebecca Crockett) in the drop down list beside affiliate, they will send 40% of profits directly to our adoption agency to cover funds.

You can check the merchandise out here:

As always, we appreciate your support so much!!

Thursday, February 7, 2013

Today is the day.....we mailed our dossier!!!

Today is the day I stuck our life on paper in an envelope (after checking several times to make sure it was all there), wrapped it multiple times in packaging tape so nothing could harm it, said a prayer for God to protect it on the way, took it down to the post office and mailed it to our agency.  It should arrive on Saturday!