Saturday, March 10, 2012

Are there really that many?

Did you know there are between 143 and 210 million orphans in the world?  Until a few months ago, I had no idea that there were that many.  Even now that I know, I can't even fathom what a group of 210 million children would even look like.  It breaks my heart that there are so many children without parents that I can't even picture in my mind how large that group really is.

You may want to read this article on the website Alter 84.  Alter 84 is an organization that exists to increase awareness of the orphan crisis.


  1. What a heartbreaking thing to be true :( I'm setting aside Mondays for prayer for specific overseas ministries & what-have-you. Y'all are on that are all of these precious little ones!

  2. Thank you, Renee! We appreciate all the prayer! :)