Wednesday, January 23, 2013


Sorry to leave you all hangin'.  I haven't posted since November 2nd.  That is pretty pathetic.  I don't have a whole lot to share but wanted to give you an update on where we are since I have had a lot of people asking.

We finished our homestudy in November.  Very exciting!  Since that time, we have been preparing our dossier. In adoption speak that means a compilation of documents telling how awesome we are and that we are worthy of parenting a child.  ;) It includes our homestudy, birth certificates, financial statements, letters from banks, state police, employers, insurance agents, friends/family, physical report from our doctors, a letter from us on why we want to adopt a child from Ethiopia and why we feel like we are worthy to do so, clearance from USCIS and a few other things.  

Tomorrow, we have an appt with our doctors to have our physical report written and we have our appt with USCIS on Friday.  The tricky thing about Friday is that it is supposed to snow and the office we are going to is located in West Virginia.  So, we are praying that everything goes well and we make it there in one piece and on time.

It seems like it will be forever before we go get our little guy but every time we check something off our list we get a little bit closer.  It gives me butterflies sometimes when I think about it.  It is so surreal but then it will hit me - in a year I am going to get on a plane to Africa and meet my little boy.  It's scary but so exciting.  I am praying that God will prepare his little heart for this huge change that is going to happen in his life.

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