Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Nolan approves :)

Tonight, Daddy asked Nolan if he would like to have a brother close to his age who he could share his room with.  He excitedly said, "Yeah!"  Then they named off all the things that they would be able to do together, like play, jump, brush teeth, sleep etc.  Then Nolan turns to Mommy and asks, "Mommy, can I have a brother?"  Daddy and Mommy look at each other and smile and reply, "We're working on it."  Then Mommy said, "It may take a while for us to get you a brother."  Nolan's smile faded and he asked very seriously, "Why?"  Mommy tried to explain that it is a lot of paper work to bring a new brother home but again Nolan asked, "Why?...What is paper work?"


  1. lol!!!! So cute :) Nolan is a great brother.

  2. The wait is long and so hard when you are going through it, but as someone who has survived the wait and is on the other side of it, I can attest that it is SOOOOO worth it!