Wednesday, May 23, 2012

updates/31 party fundraiser

We are pressing through our home study paper work.  We will have our orientation meeting in late June and then start our home visits after that. 

Our yard sale at the Civic Center was no good.  Made about $100 profit after subtracting the cost to rent the booth.  It was a lot of time an effort to set it up so that was a little depressing.  We then received an email about the money we owe for our home study.  Originally we thought it would be $2000 up front but we found out in the email that we have to pay for our post adoption visits up front too.  Which brings the amount owed to $3200.  More depression.  To top it off, I took some of the remaining things to Once Upon a Child after the yard sale and the money I made from it was stolen out of my wallet that I left in my Jeep overnight (dumb blond moment).  I had to (and still do) remind myself that God is bigger and he will provide.

Our next fundraising endeavor is a 31 party.  A sweet, sweet friend from our church is a consultant and offered to donate all the commissions that she would get from the party toward our adoption (25%).  Yay!  The party is next Thursday May 31st at 7pm.  If you can't come to the party but would like to order something you can do that here.


  1. continuing to pray! see you thursday

  2. Becca,
    I'm sorry you guys have been facing some hiccups! Don't give up, it will be worth all the hard work when you have your baby in your arms :) We are praying for you guys. I look forward to your party!!!